People, Love and Healing!

I started this blog years ago just so i could follow my friend’s blog…Even though I love writing, I’ve never really considered blogging… until now !

We meet a lot of people in our lives. A few of them stay with us till the end, many just pass through our lives briefly. And then there are these extremely rare few who totally turn our lives around if we are blessed enough to meet them, that is! These are the people who teach us the true meaning of love. I am a very closed person.. I never used to go out of the way to help people …until I met her! It usually takes a whole lot of time and patience to build good things but it took her only a  moment to light up the darkness within me, to mend everything that was broken and to give new hope. She exudes so much warmth and love that even her words have the power to heal and repair! This is my first post ever and what better way to start this journey than by thanking the one who always stands by me, believes in me even when I don’t and who continues to inspire me every single minute. So I dedicate everything I write in this blog, every word, every thought, every idea to her – my best friend, my healer :-)…


Have you ever had someone in your life, who fills it with music, who cares for you like a parent, who loves you so much that your problems become their worries, your victories become their triumph your smile becomes their joy, who taught you how to live for love? If you have then feel really blessed, and continue to spread the love…and heal as many people as you can!!


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