When the soul weeps…..

When tragedy strikes people closest to our heart, especially when it is of the worst kind, it does not afflict them alone… the grief feels more like our own.

How do we console someone who has just lost someone dear, forever? Especially when we know that no amount of our words or actions can alleviate the deep distress inflicted by death.

Rendered absolutely useless by fate ….reduced to being a mute witness to the raw anguish that is tearing apart the people we love the most….all we can do is try to will away the boundary that separates life from death…wishing we could magically gain the power to give them  back the person that they have lost!

To see that person, whom we love and care for deeply, who has always been the epitome of calm, crumble and break down uncontrollably right before our eyes makes us feel so hollow and empty. Unable to offer anything other than our trifling love and understanding, we let our soul weep unbridled, along with theirs.

What else can we do, when god decides to take back a life…one that is so dear to us…. even though it always belonged only to him! When he decides to stop the game, un-heeding our mortal pleas for playing it forever, what else can we do but unquestioningly surrender to his will.

Why should it be that while death liberates the souls of those who are leaving, it entraps the souls of those who are left behind, in an inescapable maze of grief and tears? Why can’t it be otherwise?

Unfortunately and ironically, it is death that teaches us the real value of life and love…In that moment when a life is lost, never to be regained … when a soul returns back to god…. he emphatically reiterates, that we are but puppets in his hands….that he is the indubitable authority….that, in truth, nothing we treasure as ‘ours’ actually belongs to us, including our own body and soul!

When people closest to our heart weep….all of our worries and problems suddenly become trivial and insignificant before their grieving heart….

When people closest to our heart weep… our souls weep along with them… wanting and wishing to be there for them in the best way possible, praying for god’s mercy and grace to envelop their bruised souls in a comforting and healing embrace.https://i1.wp.com/prayercommunicationwithgod.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/3772_Journey-of-the-Survivor-From-Grief-to-Survival-_958859577_n.jpeg


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