Who is a soulmate really? It would appear hopelessly cliched to define a soulmate as one who loves you unconditionally, and who completes you in every-way possible.

Rather, I feel a soulmate is someone who rubs you the wrong way umpteen times, who drags you into multifarious fracases of varying gravitas, and yet remains as lovable as ever, if not more!!

After all, the love that is woven with threads of grief and distress is the most enduring and deep-rooted. And people who share that kind of love- they are soul-mates who are truly tumblr_mt5re51Apw1svi7b9o1_500supreme and inviolable!!

A person who chooses to hold your hand and walk through the doorway of all the trials and tribulations that you may encounter is the unexampled quintessential soulmate.

He; who makes you understand yourself better through his mistakes, who sometimes makes you realize what you truly want, by bringing what you don’t want,  who helps you metamorphose from what you are into what you are meant to be, who makes you come alive; is your soul-mate in all his winsome glory.

A soulmate is forever : simple not complex, flawed not perfect, not phlegmatic, loving not stolid, emotional not clinical, a human not an automaton!!

A soulmate : is forever..



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Perspective (Unusual angle or point of view)

1. A simple clothes peg against the summer sky… Much like the people we call ‘our own’ that anchor us and keep us grounded irrespective of whether life presents itself as an expanse of trackless wilderness like the blue skies… or a myriad maze of overlaps and confusion …. or a choice between multiple untrodden paths….


2. Hooks that hold and prevent falls….


3. Simple strings that create food for our soul….



Most of us are familiar with the philosophical question “Is the glass half empty or half full ?”

Well, Wikipedia has this to say on the above quote ‘It is a common expression, generally used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty).’

I have a totally different interpretation of this though… It’s totally irrelevant if the glass is Half empty or Half full because what is important is that the glass is ‘not full’ as it should be and, anything that is less than full is not easy to live with.

The other day, I was at the Clinic, waiting to visit my GP. Despite having an appointment and despite being on time, I had to wait for quite long! Not having anything better to do, I was aimlessly flipping through the pages of the magazine I had randomly picked up, until I found an interesting article. That it was a multi-specialty clinic (housing a Pediatrician, a Psychiatrist, a GP, a Dentist, and a Psychologist) , made it noisier and therefore harder for me to focus on what I Untitledwas reading. Finally frustrated by the chaos around me, I gave up on my reading and decided to engage in some people-watching. I glanced around… There were a few elderly people, mothers with coughing kids and wailing babies … nothing unusual for a clinic. And then I noticed them, coming out of the psychologist’s room, discussing something. There were three of them, an Old man, a middle-aged woman (probably his daughter), and her son. The first thing that struck me about the boy, who looked about 10, was that he was different. He kept drawing invisible figures in the air and seemed oblivious to everything around him. As I continued watching, the boy suddenly started running towards the waiting area. The mother and grandfather started running after him, their eyes reflecting a sense of disquietude and dismay over what he might do. The boy continued running, right past me, and entered the aisle right behind me, went till the end of the row of seats and stopped near the last few chairs, apparently the ones they had been occupying while waiting to see the doctor. Then, he bent down and picked up an umbrella and a bag that was lying on the floor and returned to his mother and grandfather with a triumphant smile. As I slowly let myself relax, I realized that I had been holding my breath all along, expecting something untoward ! I turned around and to look at the grandfather and mother. Their flustered faces instantly metamorphosed into those that radiated immense relief. I overheard the mother tell her father “I never thought he was capable of being so responsible and self-aware.” She hugged her son and told him how proud he had made her.

           As I sat there in a state of disbelief, a sudden revelation dawned upon me. Here we are, complaining, lamenting, and worrying about wealth, fame, prestige and so many other complicated stuff, and yet we shut our eyes to the fact that we live amidst people who are deprived of even a bare-bones version of life.

We all have this tendency to gloss over the blessings in our life while throwing all our problems and woes into sharp relief. It is basic human instinct to juxtapose our lives and our situations with those of the people around us. It is also natural that for the purpose of such collocation, we always choose only someone who seems to be better off than us in all aspects, so we can lament in length about all our tribulations. We often fail to perceive that for every person who is above us, on a higher rung in the ladder, there is one on a lower rung, below us! Why not peg ourselves up against these people and be thankful for the little extras that enhance our lives?

A child picking up his belongings before going home is something people would not even notice and yet for this mother, it was a momentous occasion. Her fugacious enthusiasm and joy spoke volumes about the life ordeal she was enduring.

         Simple things that we take for granted, are, for many others out there, a long coveted dream that might never become a reality. So the proverbial glass, whether it is half-full or half-empty anyway is going to be difficult to handle and live with.

          And God is so extremely critical and choosy, that he does not hand out full glasses to all and sundry. So If you have been blessed with a full or an almost full glass, do not lament about how difficult it is to keep it from spilling over, rather take the effort to look at the empty ones, the half-full ones around you and, be thankful for you full glass!


When the soul weeps…..

When tragedy strikes people closest to our heart, especially when it is of the worst kind, it does not afflict them alone… the grief feels more like our own.

How do we console someone who has just lost someone dear, forever? Especially when we know that no amount of our words or actions can alleviate the deep distress inflicted by death.

Rendered absolutely useless by fate ….reduced to being a mute witness to the raw anguish that is tearing apart the people we love the most….all we can do is try to will away the boundary that separates life from death…wishing we could magically gain the power to give them  back the person that they have lost!

To see that person, whom we love and care for deeply, who has always been the epitome of calm, crumble and break down uncontrollably right before our eyes makes us feel so hollow and empty. Unable to offer anything other than our trifling love and understanding, we let our soul weep unbridled, along with theirs.

What else can we do, when god decides to take back a life…one that is so dear to us…. even though it always belonged only to him! When he decides to stop the game, un-heeding our mortal pleas for playing it forever, what else can we do but unquestioningly surrender to his will.

Why should it be that while death liberates the souls of those who are leaving, it entraps the souls of those who are left behind, in an inescapable maze of grief and tears? Why can’t it be otherwise?

Unfortunately and ironically, it is death that teaches us the real value of life and love…In that moment when a life is lost, never to be regained … when a soul returns back to god…. he emphatically reiterates, that we are but puppets in his hands….that he is the indubitable authority….that, in truth, nothing we treasure as ‘ours’ actually belongs to us, including our own body and soul!

When people closest to our heart weep….all of our worries and problems suddenly become trivial and insignificant before their grieving heart….

When people closest to our heart weep… our souls weep along with them… wanting and wishing to be there for them in the best way possible, praying for god’s mercy and grace to envelop their bruised souls in a comforting and healing embrace.


If only we would stop running and stand beside those who are waiting for our love…..

We are what we Have…..We become what we think we have!!

The solution to all our problems, the answers to all our questions, the strength to handle all our challenges lies right within us!!

God sends us to earth pre-equipped for the life we are to lead! Each one of us already have all the tools needed for our lives, god-given gifts all beautifully wrapped up within our tiny beings…and from the moment we land on earth, the wrapper is torn and ripped bit by bit by everyone in our world until alas!!….Our treasures spill out and scatter all around us….. and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to pick up everything that fell out of us…. until we are taken back by  god… !!

Most of us lament and complain all our lives… we cowpid-2015-08-09-21.26.24.png.pngunt only our valleys never the little peaks that we conquer as we live! Now we are those who return to god, exhausted, spent and empty handed…. having lost everything he gave us and unable to find  even one of our scattered treasures….sometimes not even aware that we had these precious little gifts within ourselves and that we lost them!

some of us who do laugh in between our tears, live a bit, love a bit, see the light as well as the shadows! Now we are those that return to the lord, having lived life with what we had, in the way we understood. We are the ones who are all proud and smug, for we have realized the power of our gifts and have managed to find a few of our fallen treasures ….

There are a handful, however, who are always joyful, who always seem to wwpid-2015-08-09-21.25.55.png.pngin, whose lives are full of blessings..who are never in want..who do not know what grief is…  What makes them live so fully and abundantly, absolutely immune to all that is evil?

Not that God has a soft corner for them, Not that he gave them more than all of us, Not that they were wrapped up in a tamper-proof package, Not even  because of good karma…. Then who are these people and how come they have such a blessed existence?

These are the ones who know the real value of the treasures god has endowed them with…who guard twpid-2015-08-09-21.27.17.png.pngheir gifts very very carefully….. who do not let them scatter and even if they do , they make sure that they find them as soon as they are lost! God has bestowed upon each one of us, in equal measure, everything that we need to live life the way it is meant to be lived…All we need to do is look within to find these treasures and hold onto them safely, use them judiciously and we will never be in need! We just need to trust god and shine our light within, wake up fully to our life and  our gifts, and we shall see every one of those and find each of our treasures! buddha-wallpapers-photos-pictures-candles Like the Buddha said Be a lamp unto yourself!!