Magical Moments

Most often we come across a situation where we are in two minds : Should we Go ahead and do it? Or should we wait and decide if we can?  A kind of situation where all our instincts point us in one direction, and yet civilization leads us to choose the exact opposite direction.


That split second moment when all of our senses are in harmony, yet civility decides to play spoilsport, robbing us of the miracle that could have otherwise been born. All the magic lies in that one moment that we hesitate … and pause to decide if we should follow what our heart , mind and soul is whispering albeit in a very faint voice.

There was this man, Roger , who was besotted with a lovely young woman. For days, he would muster up his courage to go and proclaim his love to her, only to hold back and abandon his resolve at the last minute. One day, his magical moment descended upon him  when he was walking on the road and came upon his lady love picking flowers from a roadside tree. He could hear the voice of his soul, directing him to declare his love to her. Yet he stood still, content to watch as she picked her flowers and put them in her basket. Suddenly there came a handsome young man in a fancy car. As he watched with growing pain in his heart, his lady love got into the car and disappeared down the street. He never saw her again. Five years later when he (still single and unable to forget his first love), walked into a restaurant, he saw her, his lady love, sitting alone at a table and reading a book. He approached her. What started as a casual meeting grew into strong friendship, and he realized both of them were so aligned to each other. This time, when he had his magical moment, he won over his hesitation, and finally proposed to her, and they were happily married for a long time.

Roger was one of the few lucky people for whom life gives a second chance, but for most of us, it is not so. If we do not respect our magical moment, it is lost forever.

It is in stopping and pausing to dissect what our soul dictates at such moments, that we irrevocably forfeit Love of  a lifetime, friendship that could have been second to none,  hope that could have been sowed, lives that could have been saved and healing that could have otherwise been.mother-teresa-great-quotes-images-words-by-mother-teresa-quotations-of-mother-teresa-images-wallpapers-photos-pictures-download-550x413

open up your heart to the ones you love, let them know how much they mean to you, love them without restraint and speak your love without filters, for we may never get another ‘magical moment’.

All the magic lies in that one moment, so don’t let yours slip though the holes of logic and sensibility!


We are what we Have…..We become what we think we have!!

The solution to all our problems, the answers to all our questions, the strength to handle all our challenges lies right within us!!

God sends us to earth pre-equipped for the life we are to lead! Each one of us already have all the tools needed for our lives, god-given gifts all beautifully wrapped up within our tiny beings…and from the moment we land on earth, the wrapper is torn and ripped bit by bit by everyone in our world until alas!!….Our treasures spill out and scatter all around us….. and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to pick up everything that fell out of us…. until we are taken back by  god… !!

Most of us lament and complain all our lives… we cowpid-2015-08-09-21.26.24.png.pngunt only our valleys never the little peaks that we conquer as we live! Now we are those who return to god, exhausted, spent and empty handed…. having lost everything he gave us and unable to find  even one of our scattered treasures….sometimes not even aware that we had these precious little gifts within ourselves and that we lost them!

some of us who do laugh in between our tears, live a bit, love a bit, see the light as well as the shadows! Now we are those that return to the lord, having lived life with what we had, in the way we understood. We are the ones who are all proud and smug, for we have realized the power of our gifts and have managed to find a few of our fallen treasures ….

There are a handful, however, who are always joyful, who always seem to wwpid-2015-08-09-21.25.55.png.pngin, whose lives are full of blessings..who are never in want..who do not know what grief is…  What makes them live so fully and abundantly, absolutely immune to all that is evil?

Not that God has a soft corner for them, Not that he gave them more than all of us, Not that they were wrapped up in a tamper-proof package, Not even  because of good karma…. Then who are these people and how come they have such a blessed existence?

These are the ones who know the real value of the treasures god has endowed them with…who guard twpid-2015-08-09-21.27.17.png.pngheir gifts very very carefully….. who do not let them scatter and even if they do , they make sure that they find them as soon as they are lost! God has bestowed upon each one of us, in equal measure, everything that we need to live life the way it is meant to be lived…All we need to do is look within to find these treasures and hold onto them safely, use them judiciously and we will never be in need! We just need to trust god and shine our light within, wake up fully to our life and  our gifts, and we shall see every one of those and find each of our treasures! buddha-wallpapers-photos-pictures-candles Like the Buddha said Be a lamp unto yourself!!