Magical Moments

Most often we come across a situation where we are in two minds : Should we Go ahead and do it? Or should we wait and decide if we can?  A kind of situation where all our instincts point us in one direction, and yet civilization leads us to choose the exact opposite direction.


That split second moment when all of our senses are in harmony, yet civility decides to play spoilsport, robbing us of the miracle that could have otherwise been born. All the magic lies in that one moment that we hesitate … and pause to decide if we should follow what our heart , mind and soul is whispering albeit in a very faint voice.

There was this man, Roger , who was besotted with a lovely young woman. For days, he would muster up his courage to go and proclaim his love to her, only to hold back and abandon his resolve at the last minute. One day, his magical moment descended upon him  when he was walking on the road and came upon his lady love picking flowers from a roadside tree. He could hear the voice of his soul, directing him to declare his love to her. Yet he stood still, content to watch as she picked her flowers and put them in her basket. Suddenly there came a handsome young man in a fancy car. As he watched with growing pain in his heart, his lady love got into the car and disappeared down the street. He never saw her again. Five years later when he (still single and unable to forget his first love), walked into a restaurant, he saw her, his lady love, sitting alone at a table and reading a book. He approached her. What started as a casual meeting grew into strong friendship, and he realized both of them were so aligned to each other. This time, when he had his magical moment, he won over his hesitation, and finally proposed to her, and they were happily married for a long time.

Roger was one of the few lucky people for whom life gives a second chance, but for most of us, it is not so. If we do not respect our magical moment, it is lost forever.

It is in stopping and pausing to dissect what our soul dictates at such moments, that we irrevocably forfeit Love of  a lifetime, friendship that could have been second to none,  hope that could have been sowed, lives that could have been saved and healing that could have otherwise been.mother-teresa-great-quotes-images-words-by-mother-teresa-quotations-of-mother-teresa-images-wallpapers-photos-pictures-download-550x413

open up your heart to the ones you love, let them know how much they mean to you, love them without restraint and speak your love without filters, for we may never get another ‘magical moment’.

All the magic lies in that one moment, so don’t let yours slip though the holes of logic and sensibility!


Whispers of the breeze…

​I hear the whispers of the breeze…
As it meanders through the trees….
“Alone you stand, stranger in your own land”

When life strips you off of all that you think is your own….
Blinded despite having vision and sight….
Repelled by emotions that hitherto allured….
Orphaned by souls that were your own….
Broken apart by love that used to bind….
Hurt by healing that once was….
A tear and a sigh, 

Maybe it is all part of a big lie ,
Or Just a perennial unaswered why,
Maybe they who expect are who ‘ll always cry,
Eyes that run dry …. unable to even anymore cry…

And all night long awake as I lie… 
I hear the whispers of the breeze…
While it meanders through the trees….
“Alone you stand, stranger in your own land”

Life is Love… Love is Life !!

Life is not about impeccability and perfection,
It is in knowing and accommodating flaws and limitations.

Life is not about dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s,
It is about doing what you enjoy… anything that gives you peace.

Life is about the littlest things that spell satisfaction. 

Happiness is not in money and flamboyant living,
It is in having nothing and still giving.
happiness is not in restrictions and conditional clauses,
It is in the freedom of unplucked roses.
happiness is not in revenge so much as it is in forgiving.

Love is not about laughter that’s superficial,

It is about sharing in grief and,

                Wiping tears that are real.

Love is not about good times in houses that are palatial,

It is about hope and faith when,

                 deprived of everything vitally essential.

Contentment is not in laments and complaints – myriad and plenty,

It is acceptance and compromise when life is near empty.

Contentment is not ­­in seeking and wanting a lot,

It is in building a beautiful life out of naught.

Contentment belongs not to the body, but to the soul in reality.

Life has many positives, despite the negatives…

Happiness is in the plusses, not the minuses…

Love is in repairs and mends, never in breaks and ends…

Contentment is in Life, Love, and Happiness than in anything else!!


Who is a soulmate really? It would appear hopelessly cliched to define a soulmate as one who loves you unconditionally, and who completes you in every-way possible.

Rather, I feel a soulmate is someone who rubs you the wrong way umpteen times, who drags you into multifarious fracases of varying gravitas, and yet remains as lovable as ever, if not more!!

After all, the love that is woven with threads of grief and distress is the most enduring and deep-rooted. And people who share that kind of love- they are soul-mates who are truly tumblr_mt5re51Apw1svi7b9o1_500supreme and inviolable!!

A person who chooses to hold your hand and walk through the doorway of all the trials and tribulations that you may encounter is the unexampled quintessential soulmate.

He; who makes you understand yourself better through his mistakes, who sometimes makes you realize what you truly want, by bringing what you don’t want,  who helps you metamorphose from what you are into what you are meant to be, who makes you come alive; is your soul-mate in all his winsome glory.

A soulmate is forever : simple not complex, flawed not perfect, not phlegmatic, loving not stolid, emotional not clinical, a human not an automaton!!

A soulmate : is forever..


When the soul weeps…..

When tragedy strikes people closest to our heart, especially when it is of the worst kind, it does not afflict them alone… the grief feels more like our own.

How do we console someone who has just lost someone dear, forever? Especially when we know that no amount of our words or actions can alleviate the deep distress inflicted by death.

Rendered absolutely useless by fate ….reduced to being a mute witness to the raw anguish that is tearing apart the people we love the most….all we can do is try to will away the boundary that separates life from death…wishing we could magically gain the power to give them  back the person that they have lost!

To see that person, whom we love and care for deeply, who has always been the epitome of calm, crumble and break down uncontrollably right before our eyes makes us feel so hollow and empty. Unable to offer anything other than our trifling love and understanding, we let our soul weep unbridled, along with theirs.

What else can we do, when god decides to take back a life…one that is so dear to us…. even though it always belonged only to him! When he decides to stop the game, un-heeding our mortal pleas for playing it forever, what else can we do but unquestioningly surrender to his will.

Why should it be that while death liberates the souls of those who are leaving, it entraps the souls of those who are left behind, in an inescapable maze of grief and tears? Why can’t it be otherwise?

Unfortunately and ironically, it is death that teaches us the real value of life and love…In that moment when a life is lost, never to be regained … when a soul returns back to god…. he emphatically reiterates, that we are but puppets in his hands….that he is the indubitable authority….that, in truth, nothing we treasure as ‘ours’ actually belongs to us, including our own body and soul!

When people closest to our heart weep….all of our worries and problems suddenly become trivial and insignificant before their grieving heart….

When people closest to our heart weep… our souls weep along with them… wanting and wishing to be there for them in the best way possible, praying for god’s mercy and grace to envelop their bruised souls in a comforting and healing embrace.


If only we would stop running and stand beside those who are waiting for our love…..